New Visitor Center at TAPC

A corner of the entryway has been designated as our Visitor Welcome Center.

Thanks to our Facilities Committee, the corner was painted to match our burgundy decor. The media department designed and ordered canvas banners.

We now have a nice display of literature and materials for the first-time visitor.

Where do you come in? Well, as one of the 128 ministers of this church, just keep an eye out for new people sitting in the pews. If you look around the crowd on Sunday and see a new face, welcome them to our church and make sure they get one of our gift mugs from the table. Don't be shy; take them out to the visitor's center, hand them a mug and offer all the literature to them. Don't assume they've seen the corner, or that they'll take a mug on their own. Go out of your way to give them this gift. You never know who you might reach!

If we all do our part to promote the visitor's center, we can help our church grow in so many ways.


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Tawas Area Presbyterian Church is located at:
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East Tawas, Michigan. 48730

Contact us at (989)362-2371

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