TAPC Book Club Begins

   Gloria Ulman has been reinventing our church library. It's a bigger job than you may think.

   "I’ve inventoried about half of the collection and done considerable weeding," Gloria says. "Albeit, it is a  small collection, but I found some real treasures and am anxious to get started pulling everything together."

  As she was reorganizing, she thought about her love of books and wondered if there were any other TAPC members who share that love. With that in mind, Gloria started on her next project, a Book Club.

   "I’ve heard from a few ladies who are interested, and hope to hear from a few more. I’m talking about a casual get together to discuss our different views of a particular book that we all would select as a group."

    Gloria invites any interested TAPC members, men and women, to join her on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 1:00 in the library area for a brief discussion to get a feel of what she might like to see happen with this. Come have a cup of coffee with Gloria and enjoy a spirited discussion of books, and be sure to bring any recommendations.


Join Us

Tawas Area Presbyterian Church is located at:
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Contact us at (989)362-2371

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