TAPC Has Success With VBS “Hometown Nazareth”

TAPC’s 2016 Vacation Bible School offering, “Hometown Nazareth” was a great success! It was all presented on June 20, 21 and 22nd, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the evening. Pastor Kathleen’s vision of an intergenerational Bible school reached people of all ages. The evening hours provided entire families to participate. Our crew showed visitors what life was like when Jesus was a boy. They also got to stroll through a realistic depiction of downtown Nazareth. We struggled with the tents on the day of setup; high winds refused to cooperate with our idea of a “main street” to walk through. But we had a backup plan, and some of the shops and marketplaces ended up inside, and everything worked out just fine. The three-day event gave visitors a lot to do and talk about: • They participated in hands-on crafts such as mining for “precious stones,” carving and decorating their own walking staffs, and creating their own authentic jewelry; • They sampled foods of the era • They sat in a classroom and learned the basics of the Hebrew alphabet; • They enjoyed a petting zoo with goats, donkeys, alpacas, horses, and more; • They learned about our Niger mission project, the missionaries hard at work over there, and how we can help with their goals; • They got to chat with the local “residents” of Nazareth to find out more about this boy Jesus ... and it seems everyone had an opinion, from Jesus’ mother Mary to gossipy Esther to the tax collector skulking around trying to squeeze shekels from people; • They enjoyed some beautiful music from our team of musicians, whether it was celebrating in the Temple or listening to the traveling street musicians who added some local flavor to the scene; • Finally, they participated in a daily message as people learned the roots of their faith through song and some bantering between “old school” (the crabby rabbi) and “new school” (Pastor K). We got a lot of positive comments and responses from Hometown Nazareth, and it paves the way for next year’s VBS project. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project your contributions, no matter what they were, were greatly appreciated!



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