Teach Team Members Needed

    As winter approaches and many congregation members head south for the next few months, we once again send out a request for people to help our Tech Team.

    The audio and video operations are an important part of our service and even one or two new people would help with the workload rotation.

    The jobs are much simpler than you might think; most of it just involves pressing a button throughout the service. If you can send an email or post on Facebook, you have more than enough skills to do the work. Training for the jobs takes about 15 minutes.

    You would commit to one Sunday a month throughout the winter. You decide which Sundays you want to work.

    If you are interested, talk to Kristy Prentiss or Michal Jacot. Either one would be glad to show you what the job entails, with no pressure.  You can look it over and decide if you want to try it.



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