VBS Goes To Rome!

    Guess what is happening in June? Yes, that’s right: Vacation Bible School!

    It is June 20, 21, 22 at 5:30pm - 8:00pm at the church. We are looking for some help with our shopkeepers. They are listed later in this article, along with what you will be doing with the groups during their time at your booth.

    When the marketplace first opens you will be in front of the booth waiting for the groups to arrive. Once they arrive you will be explaining a little history about how things were in Rome (you will receive the history from me). We are really pushing you to act in character of who you are portraying. There is info I will be giving you about the character and questions you can ask the groups about the information they have discovered on their journey.

Shopkeepers include:

Architecture – The activities the groups will be doing with you are building an arch and creating an aqueduct. You will have a blueprint to have the groups make an arch out of cardboard bricks. You will also be having the groups work together to create an aqueduct (structure to carry water from point A to point B). The directions and supplies will be provided.

Leatherworking - Each group member will be braiding a leather bracelet to take home with them. The directions and supplies will be provided.

Metalworking - Each group member will be making a bulla (small ornamental necklace that Roman children wore throughout childhood). The directions and supplies will be provided.

Scribe - The scribe shop will be doing calligraphy on a scroll. The groups will be writing a small message on the scroll to get the feel for how they used to write back then. The directions and supplies will be provided.

Stay tuned for details about ways you can help us make Paul and the Underground Church Vacation Bible School a success.

Questions? Want to Help? Contact Kristy Prentiss to see what you can do!

And look for our Registration Form on this website. In the menu, go to "Our Activities", to "VBS, then to "VBS Registration Form."



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