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February Fixer-Upper

    It’s February. Winter continues. Snowbirds are warm and toasty, Winterbirds are by the fire all roasty!  A favorite winter activity for me is watching shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Flea Market Flip”.  They provide inspiration for transforming old worn down items into fresh new creations. I love this process…for household items…not so much for transforming my daily life.

The Best New Thing of 2017

As we enter the new year, many "new things" await us. Let's keep our focus on the best "new thing" of all, and the hope that it provides.

Bringing The Light of Christmas

   As we light the advent candles each Sunday, we pause to remember and anticipate Christ’s coming into our world.  We focus on the ancient expectancy of the Messiah and at the same time meditate on ways to prepare a relevant place for this Savior in today’s world and the lives of those who need God desperately right now. 

    Amid the baking, buying, wrapping, and bustling of the “holiday season”, let us remember to include Jesus in everything we do.


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