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    Our church newsletter, The Connection, arrives at your home every month, either in print form or via your email.  Most of the articles are written by you, the people of TAPC. Which is, of course, as it should be; The Connection is a celebration of our church and its congregation.

    You may want to have something put in the newsletter sometime. Maybe you’re in charge of an event of some kind and would like to let people know about it. With that in mind, here are some tips for contributing to The Connection:

How Many Media Specialists Does It Take.....

Kristy Prentiss is now on staff as Media Specialist. This may confuse you since I am Media Specialist. Let me explain.

The Simplest Answer Is The Best

    A few months ago, I started hearing a complaint from some of our congregation. They wanted to use our hearing-impaired devices but all they got from them was static. As the Media Guy, that fell into my realm of duty. 

    Now keep in mind that I knew absolutely nothing about these gizmos. You turn them on, they work, then you turn them off; that was pretty much all I knew for sure.


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